Buy The Offspring Tickets – Concert Tour 2017

Brief Review

The Offspring is an American Punk rock band, created in 1984 at Huntington Beach, California. The group consists of their front man Dexter Holland (rhythm guitar and vocals), Greg K (bass guitar), Kevin Wasserman (lead guitar) and Pete Parada (drums). They have sold over 40 millions records in all over the World and are considered to be one of the most best-selling punk bands in the World. To see them live, buy the Offspring tickets for their upcoming 2017 tour.


The story of the band began in 1984, but they have gained true success in 1994 only as they have sold over 4 millions albums under an independent label.

Their debut album appeared in 1989. Five years later band issued their second studio work Ignition, which brought them true success. This one sounds like Nirvana and the first single from the disc Come Out and Play became an MTV hit.

In 1997 they have released their third studio work Ixnay on the Hombre. However, this one was no so successful as the Offspring previous works. This failure did not disappointed the band and they released their Americana a year later. This time, the album became a true hit and the song A Pretty Fly for a White Guy helped the band to gain even more popularity.

Their next album Splinter appeared in 2003. The band launched a World tour to support this studio work and visited all continents at least once.

In 2008 they have released another album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Four years later, the band released their ninth Days Go By album.

The Offspring 2017 World Tour

This year, the famous punk rock band launches a Summer-Autumn tour including 20 dates. This event starts on July 6th in Airway Heights WA and stretches to other US and Canada cities. It is to mention that a band is going to give their shows together with Sublime with Rome.

Famous American punk rockers launch their 2017 tour to support Days Go By album, released in 2012. The band is still working on their tenth studio album. To visit one of the upcoming events, buy The Offspring concert tickets here in the table.

Concerts Average Setlist 2017

  • You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
  • The Noose
  • Come Out and Play
  • Coming for You
  • All I Want
  • Have You Ever
  • Staring at the Sun
  • Bad Habit
  • Hit That
  • Gone Away
  • Gotta Get Away
  • Want You Bad
  • Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
  • Why Don’t You Get a Job?
  • (Can’t Get My) Head Around You
  • Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
  • Americana
  • The Kids Aren’t Alright
  • Self Esteem


Q: How much are the Offspring tickets?

A: The price of the concerts depends on the location and dates. Averagely, it is below $100.

Q: When do the tickets go on sale?

A: They are already on sale.

Q: How to buy tickets for the Offspring?

A: To do this, go to the table, choose the location and date that suits to you and then press on “Tickets” button.