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Korn Review

This American band starts its career in 1993 officially. However, three of them were playing together even earlier in L.A.P.D band. Korn (or KoЯn, stylized name that you can see on all the group’s albums) includes Jonathan Davis (leader of the band and its vocalist), James Shaffer (also known as Munky, lead guitar), Brian Welsh (known as Head, guitar, backvocals), Reginald Arvizu (Fieldy, bass guitar) and Ray Luzier (drums, Luzier replaced David Silveria). Want to see this band live? Buy Korn tickets for their upcoming tour.

The band is a pioneer of a nu metal style. Their music changed a lot from their debut album until nowadays. However, they have saved their style adding more depth in their sound. When journalist asked Davis questions about his band’s style, he answered that he was never thinking about Korn like about a metal band. Korn was influenced by many famous groups and artist of 90th such as Metallica, Nirvana, RHCP, Fear Factory, Duran Duran and many others.


The first album was released in 1993 (Neidermayer’s Mind). Then, in 1994 came their Korn album and in 1996 they have released Life is Peachy. It is to mention that Life is Peachy was nominated for Grammy. In 1996 Korn headlined Lollapalooza, but the band had to stop their tour due to Shaffer illness.

In 1998 the band released Follow the leader album which brought Korn success. Freak on a Leash won Grammy. Their fourth album appeared in 1999. It was surely Issues which help Korn to dominate MTV again.

Korn has significantly changed its sound for Untouchables that was released in 2002. This album was the number two behind Eminem and finally won Grammy. The most popular singles from the album were Thoughtless and Here to Stay.

Their fifth album Take a look in the Mirror appeared in 2003. It was multi-platinum but marker a start of a decline of the group. In addition, Welsh decided to leave Korn in 2005.

In the following several years the band was working with Virgin but did nothing significant. In 2012 rejoined the band and in 2013 they have released their eleventh The Paradigm Shift album. This one was in top ten of many charts in the United States and abroad. Then came the Serenity of suffering which is the latest one in the current Korn’s “career”.

Korn Average Setlist for the Upcoming Tour

  1. Right Now
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Rotting in Vain
  4. Somebody Someone
  5. Coming Undone
  6. Insane
  7. Make Me Bad
  8. Y’All Want a Single
  9. Shoots and Ladders
  10. Did My Time
  11. Blind
  12. Twist
  13. Falling Away From Me
  14. Got the Life
  15. Freak on a Leash

Korn tour 2020 – together with Breaking Benjamin

Korn and Breaking Benjamin are repeating history by linking back up for a 2020 co-headlining North American tour. Additional support will come from Bones U.K.

All three groups will have new albums to support on the road as Breaking Benjamin have just announced their new record, Aurora, which features reimagined version of the band’s classic tracks and features an array of guest artists. Meanwhile, Korn will be playing new material off The Nothing, their 13th full length, and Bones U.K. will be touting their self-titled debut effort.

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Q: How much do Korn tickets cost?

A: The average Korn tickets price is below $100. However, for some concerts this figures rises up to $261. Check the Korn tickets price by clicking on “Tickets” button in the table above.

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A: Korn Tickets are already on sale.

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