OneRepublic Review

The rock band from the United States gathered together in 2002 when two musicians Ryan Tedder (vocals) and Zach Filkins (guitar) decided to play together. Eddie Fisher (drums), Brent Kutzle (bass and cello) as well as  Drew Brown (guitar) joined the group later and they are all still playing together. If you want to see them live, buy OneRepublic concert tickets online in the table above.


Despite the fact that OneRepublic started in 2002, their success came in 2007 only with the “Apologize” single. This one was the most downloaded in the US history. The band spent five years to get to the top with this single.

In 2003 the band signed a contract with Columbia label (property of Sony BMG) but later the group was dropped from roster. However, OneRepublic’s popularity was growing in MySpace and the front man helped to raise the profile of the group by penning songs for Hilary Duff and Blake Lewis. Producer Timbaland signed OneRepublic to his Mosley Music Group.

In 2007, “Apologize” was released and became a platinum selling one. There was about 4,3 million downloads of this hit in the United States only! Figures are truly impressive for a single band.

A debut album “Dreaming Out Loud” was released the same year. It has both piano melodies and rock riffs. The album went gold quickly and “Apologize” “developed” its success in many countries. OneRepublic’s front man continued to work with other artists as the songwriter and released “Bleeding Love” with Leona Lewis.

In 2008 the band started to write songs for their next album. However, they finished their work in 2009 only. “Waking Up” was another great job done by this group.

Then was a pause which lasted for about 4 years and OneRepublic released their third studio album in 2013. This one was called “Native” including “Counting Stars”, “Feel Again”, “If I Lose Myself”.

Their latest up to date album was released in 2016. “Oh My My” was inspired by Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Spain.

OneRepublic’s 2017 Concert Tour

The band continues to support its latest “Oh My My” album and launches a tour which kicks off July 7th in Kansas City and ends in September. You can buy OneRepublic concerts tickets here.

Average Setlist for 2017 Tour

Here you can find Onerepublics average setlist for the bands tour in 2017:

  1. Don’t Look Down
  2. Light It Up
  3. Secrets
  4. All the Right Moves
  5. What You Wanted
  6. Stop and Stare
  7. Something I Need
  8. Preacher
  9. Come Home
  10. Spanish Guitar Medley
  11. Counting Stars
  12. Can’t Stop
  13. Good Life
  14. Au Revoir
  15. Feel Again
  16. I Lived
  17. Love Runs Out
  18. What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)
  19. If I Lose Myself


Q: How much are OneRepublic Tickets?

A: The average price for OneRepublic tickets is below $100.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: OneRepublic tickets are already on sale.

Q: How to buy OneRepublic tickets?

A: There is nothing easier. Press on “Ticket” button and follow the buying procedure.