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Find out if Metallica is coming to your city during their 2020 tour. Here is a full list of the upcoming dates. Don’t miss your chance to see this show live in your city. Tickets are on sale now.

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Metallica Review

This is an American heavy metal band, which HQ is in San Rafael, California. The group’s history starts when its future vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield give a response to an ads, publisjed in a local newspaper by a drummer Lars Ulrich. Those two guys are co-founders and they are still playing together. The band also includes guitarist Kirk Hammett, and bass guitarist Robert Trujillo. You can see them live if you buy Metallica concert tickets for their upcoming tour.

This group was among the “big four” (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth) bands who founded thrash metal. Their “Master of Puppets” album described a the most influential and heaviest of thrash albums ever.

They released 10! studio albums, 5 live albums and 5 extended plays. The band is supposed to be one of the most commercially successful in the history!


The band’s birthday was in 1981. However, it is to say that this group started to work seriously after 1983, when they have released their “Kill’Em All” album. This one was a kind of revolution in a thrash metal industry bringing more depth into the sound.

In 1986 heavy metal band’s fans received another high quality album “Master of Puppets”. However, a tragedy struck the band as their tour bus had an accident and their bass guitarist Burton died in the crash. His place took Jason Newsted and soon the band released their next album “…And Justice for All”. This album was so cute that it reached top ten without even a support from MTV.

In 1991 was released another album called “Metallica”. The self called one was even better than all previous. Metallica was a respected band by the 90th. They have changed completely the rules of the heavy metal industry and was leaders of the mainstream.

In 1996 they have released “Load” which was commercially successful as well. In 1999 the group strengthened its positions buy giving a concert with the San Francisco Symphony. The y released its next album “St. Anger” in 2003. Then, four years later their next work “Death Magnetic” appeared.

Their last to date album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” appeared in 2016.

Metallica 2020 Tour Average Setlist

  1. The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
  2. Hardwired Intro
  3. Hardwired
  4. Atlas, Rise!
  5. The Unforgiven
  6. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  7. Creeping Death
  8. Now That We’re Dead
  9. Moth Into Flame
  10. Harvester of Sorrow
  11. Wherever I May Roam
  12. Halo on Fire
  13. Sad but True
  14. One
  15. Master of Puppets
  16. Fade to Black
  17. Seek & Destroy
  18. Nothing Else Matters
  19. Enter Sandman


Q: How much are Metallica tickets?

A: Metallica tickets average cost is around 100 USD.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: Metallica tickets are already on sale.

Q: How to buy Metallica tickets?

A: You can do it online. Find location and date in the table above and press on “Tickets” button