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Brief Review

Matchbox Twenty (or Matchbox 20, or MB20) is an American rock group, sieging in Orlando, Florida. This band was created in 1995 by Rob Thomas (vocals, lead guitar, keyboard), Brian Yale (bass guitar), Kyle Cook (guitar, back vocals) and Paul Doucette (drums, rhythm guitar, back vocals). To see them live, buy Matchbox Twenty tickets here online.

The band became famous since the issue of their first studio work Yourself or Someone Like You (released in 1996). This work was certified 12 times Platinum in the United States. With their second studio work Mad Season they have reached the TOP 3 of the Billboard 200. This studio work was 4 times Platinum in the United States.

The band had a pause from 1004 to 2007 and then reunited again. Their forth studio work North debuted on the first position in Billboard 200.

Matchbox Twenty 2017 Tour (featuring Counting Crows)

Rob Thomas and his Matchbox 20 are going to launch a massive 48-date tour across the United States and Canada. This event kicks off July 12th and stretches to the beginning of October. They are going to visit major US and Canada cities. You can buy Matchbox 20 tickets here online.

Average Setlist

  1. Feel
  2. All I Need
  3. Real World
  4. Disease
  5. Soul
  6. Cold
  7. Could I Be You
  8. 3 A.M.
  9. Hand Me Down
  10. If You’re Gone
  11. Bright Lights
  12. Bent
  13. Mad Season
  14. Unwell
  15. Back 2 Good
  16. Downfall
  17. You’re So Real
  18. Push
  19. You Won’t Be Mine
  20. So Sad So Lonely
  21. Long Day


Q: When do Matchbox Twenty concert tickets go on sale?

A: They are already here. Find them in the table above.

Q: How much are Matchbox 20 tour tickets?

A: Their average lowest price is below 100USD. However, you can find some packages, which are more expensive.

Q: Are there VIP, cheap and MEET GREET tickets?

A: Yes, they are, you can find them buy pressing “Tickets” button in the table above.

Q: How to buy tickets for Matchbox Twenty?

A: To do this, go to the table above, choose a date and location suiting to you and press “Tickets” button.