Buy Franz Ferdinand Tickets – Concert Tour 2017

Brief Review

Franz Ferdinand is a Glasgow (Scotland) based rock band, composed of Alex Kapranos (Vocals, guitar, keyboard), Nick McCarthy (guitar, keyboard, back vocals), Bob Hardy (bass), Paul Thomson (drums). This group was several time nominate to Grammy and won two Brit Awards. To see them live, buy Franz Ferdinand tickets for their upcoming US tour in the table above.


FF appeared in 2002 and wrote first studio album in 2003 (Darts of Pleasure). They became popular in 2004-2005 as they moved to Sweden. There they released there same-called album Franz Ferdinand. This work reached lowest positions in the US Billboard 200 but was warmly met in Australia and the United Kingdom.

In 2005 FF works on their next album You Could Have It So Much Better, which was issued the same year. This album was number 8 in the United States charts and number one in the United Kingdom.

In 2009 they relased their third studio work called Tonight: FF and a year later Kapranos announced they have been working on their next one. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action appeared in late 2013.

In 2014, they started to cooperate with Sparks from the United States and created together a superband called FFS. This cooperation was fruitful as a new album with the same name FFS appeared in 2015. This one is the latest up to date. You can hear songs from it live during the concert tour which is to take place this year.

Franz Ferdinand 2017 Tour

The band is launching their 19 dates tour across the United States on May 19. FF are going to support their latest FFS album. This tour is their first without Nick McCarthy, who left the band in 2016. Their concert tour includes participation in Governors Ball Music Festival and Firefly Music Festival.

Average Setlist 2017

  • Johnny Delusional
  • The Man Without A Tan
  • Do You Want To (Franz Ferdinand cover)
  • Save Me from Myself
  • Police Encounters
  • The Power Couple
  • Things I Won’t Get
  • So Desu Ne
  • The Number One Song in Heaven (Sparks cover)
  • Dictator’s Son
  • Michael (Franz Ferdinand cover)
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (Sparks cover)
  • Collaborations Don’t Work
  • Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand cover)
  • Piss Off
  • When Do I Get to Sing “My Way” (Sparks cover)
  • Call Girl


Q: How much are Franz Ferdinand FFS tickets?

A: Their price starts from about 40 USD

Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: They are already on sale. Watch for them the table above.

Q: How to buy FFS tickets here?

A: Go to the table above, choose the location and the date suiting to you and press on “Tickets” button.

Franz Ferdinand Tour 2017 Schedule

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